14 Tips Protecting Your Locks: How to Prevent Lock Break-Ins

Preventing lock break ins is a crucial part of maintaining the safety and security of your residence or place of business. Here are some helpful advice and steps you can implement to strengthen your locks and fend off possible intruders:

1. Invest in High-Quality Locks:

  • Begin with the basics: Invest in locks of superior quality that are created with security in mind. Choose manufacturers and products with a reputation for being reliable and hardy.

2. Use Multiple Locks:

  • Adding additional layers of security can greatly improve safety. On entry points like doors and windows, think about using several locks. Burglars may have a considerably harder time entering a home if there are deadbolts, knob locks, and sliding bolt locks.

3. Reinforce Door Frames:

  • Just as important as a strong lock is a sturdy door frame. To make sure it can withstand attempts at forced entry, reinforce the door frame with strike plates and longer screws.

4. Install Security Cameras:

  • Visible security cameras serve as a deterrent and can aid in spotting burglars if one does happen. For added piece of mind, modern security cameras frequently include motion detection and remote monitoring functions.

5. Use Smart Locks:

  • Just as important as a strong lock is a sturdy door frame. To make sure it can withstand attempts at forced entry, reinforce the door frame with strike plates and longer screws.

6. Keep Locks Well-Maintained:

  • It’s crucial to maintain your locks on a regular basis. To ensure smooth operation, lubricate them with a high-quality graphite or silicone spray. You should have the locks fixed or replaced right away if you see any signs of wear or damage.

7. Be Cautious with Spare Keys:

  • Keep spare keys out of sight, such as under doormats or potted plants. Give extra keys to dependable neighbours instead, or buy a safe key lockbox.

8. Install Motion Sensor Lighting:

  • Potential burglars can be deterred from approaching your house by being startled and made conspicuous by motion-activated lighting installed around entrance points.

9. Educate Yourself and Others from lock break ins :

  • Keep up with typical burglary tactics and teach your family or coworkers about them. By being aware of potential security concerns, breaches can be avoided.

10. Consider Alarm Systems:

  • Alarm systems, whether monitored or do-it-yourself, can inform law enforcement and you about unauthorized access attempts.

11. Secure Sliding Doors and Windows:

  • Windows and sliding glass doors are weak points of entrance. To fortify these sections, use security bars or add more locks.

12. Be Wary of Social Engineering

  • When someone you don’t know asks to access your property, exercise caution. Before allowing them inside, confirm their identification and motive.

13. Regularly Assess Security:

  • Periodically assess the security of your property and make necessary upgrades as technology and threats evolve.

14. Seek Professional Guidance:

  • Consult with a reputable locksmith or security expert to evaluate your property’s vulnerabilities and recommend tailored security solutions from lock break ins.


By following these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of your lock break ins and enhance the overall security of your home or business. Remember, proactive security measures are your best defence against potential threats.


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